Are Meal Deals The Real Deal?

Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, Tom, looks at supermarket meal deals and if they’re the real deal for our diet and health.

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Alcohol Awareness: 6 Top Tips To Raise Awareness & Reduce Consumption

For Alcohol Awareness Week we look at how you can deal with alcohol in the workplace.

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Blood Pressure Awareness: Knowing Your Numbers


Our Liverpool-based Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, Suzanne, looks at the importance of checking your blood pressure and gives some tips to help combat high and low Blood Pressure in your workplace.

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Mental Health At Work: 5 Key Points In 5 Minutes

Maintaining good mental health in the workplace is vital to having a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Our Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, Jen, looks at five ways you can support your employees and their mental health.

Thought for Food

Making the right choices when it comes to eating and drinking is something that most of us could do with a little bit more help with. Declan, our Workplace Wellbeing Consultant has put together a quick guide to help you put some thought into your eating and drinking habits at home and in the workplace…

National Walking Month

We’re very excited here at Health@Work because May is National Walking Month, and we love getting out and about. The initiative is designed to encourage everyone to walk their everyday journeys, in order to feel fitter, happier, and better connected, all while helping the environment. We asked our Bristol based Wellbeing Consultant Tom Waterfall to write us a short article on the benefits of staying active through May and beyond…

Mental Health Awareness Week

As Mental Health Awareness Week kicks off, our London based Wellbeing Consultant (and Occupational Psychologist) Maeve Waite reflects on perceptions of mental health and what role the workplace takes. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all have mental health. When I said ‘mental health’, what was your first reaction? Was it something negative, upsetting or scary? If so, you’re equating mental health with mental illness, but there is a distinction…

Men’s Health Week (11-17th June 2018)

For 2018 Men’s Health week the focus is on men and Diabetes. Reports and statistics from Diabetes UK, and Public Health England show that Diabetes is more common in men than it is in women. Men are more likely to be overweight (BMI 25+) and to develop diabetes at a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) as opposed to women…

DSE set up for staff using laptops in the workplace

In the words of Bob Dylan ‘The times they are a changing’ … technology has come a long way and workplaces have moved on. The days of staff sitting at a desk working from a static display screen 9-5pm are fast disappearing; more and more companies allow (even encourage) their staff to work remotely using modern laptops – remote and flexible working has been shown to increase feelings of autonomy, reduce sickness absence levels and improve productivity…

Heatwave – Here comes the sun

We’ve been very lucky weather wise this last couple of weeks and long may it continue! While most public health messages in recent years have focused on the hazards of too much sun exposure (excessive sun exposure can lead to cataracts, premature ageing of the skin and increase skin cancer risk) we must not forget the importance of getting away from our desks and enjoying some time in the sunshine…