How to Mend a Broken Heart

CPR training

Valentine’s day has arrived when many hearts will be in a flutter. However, it is important to know that on many occasions people’s hearts can stop fluttering and go into fibrillation


How Can Health And Safety Support Health and Wellbeing Within the Workplace?

Health and Safety and Health and Wellbeing are often seen as two different functions within many organisations. However, they’re one and the same and should be treated as such.

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Quick Fire Questions With… Kevin Yip

Kicking off our ‘Quick Fire Questions’ series is our senior consultant, Kevin Yip. Kevin has worked with the organisation for over a decade and was one of the team responsible for developing the Workplace Wellbeing Charter…

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Alcohol Awareness: 6 Top Tips To Raise Awareness & Reduce Consumption

For Alcohol Awareness Week we look at how you can deal with alcohol in the workplace.

DSE set up for staff using laptops in the workplace

In the words of Bob Dylan ‘The times they are a changing’ … technology has come a long way and workplaces have moved on. The days of staff sitting at a desk working from a static display screen 9-5pm are fast disappearing; more and more companies allow (even encourage) their staff to work remotely using modern laptops – remote and flexible working has been shown to increase feelings of autonomy, reduce sickness absence levels and improve productivity…