Are Meal Deals The Real Deal?

Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, Tom, looks at supermarket meal deals and if they’re the real deal for our diet and health.

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Alcohol Awareness: 6 Top Tips To Raise Awareness & Reduce Consumption

For Alcohol Awareness Week we look at how you can deal with alcohol in the workplace.

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Blood Pressure Awareness: Knowing Your Numbers


Our Liverpool-based Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, Suzanne, looks at the importance of checking your blood pressure and gives some tips to help combat high and low Blood Pressure in your workplace.

Thought for Food

Making the right choices when it comes to eating and drinking is something that most of us could do with a little bit more help with. Declan, our Workplace Wellbeing Consultant has put together a quick guide to help you put some thought into your eating and drinking habits at home and in the workplace…