During these testing times, peoples Mental Health can suffer especially due to isolation, loneliness and remoteness. The Hub of Hope created by Chasing the Stigma, is a national mental health database bringing together organisations and charities from across the country who offer mental health advice and support. This application will prove useful for all employees during these times of isolation and so it is good practice to promote this amongst your workforce.

The Hub of Hope is a mental health database bringing grassroots and national mental health services together in one place. Using the location of web browser or mobile devices, the cloud-based web application allows anyone, anywhere to find the nearest source of support for any mental health issue, from depression and anxiety to PTSD and suicidal thoughts, as well as providing a ‘talk now’ button connecting users directly to the Samaritans.

It is currently the biggest and most comprehensive resource of its kind, with more than 1,200 validated support networks already registered on the web app and this number increasing each day. It has been endorsed by the Samaritans and 25 other national mental health support organisations and trusts. It already has a proven record of providing support to thousands as a vital stopgap for those on the five to six-month NHS waiting list for mental health referrals.

The Hub of Hope is available to anybody and is free; downloadable on both IOS and Android devices. The service is completely anonymous to use and is not restricted by age or gender.

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