Yvonne McAdam

Workplace Wellbeing Consultant

After graduating with a degree in Psychology, Yvonne went on to work in organisations including Social Enterprise East Midlands, IKEA, the NHS and One Year No Beer – an organisation set up to help people reduce their alcohol consumption.

Later, Yvonne gained qualifications in nutrition advice and is a PGCert qualified business coach. In addition to paid employment, Yvonne has volunteered for several charities including the emotional support charity, Samaritans.

Before joining Health@Work, Yvonne worked for Explore Family, a family support organisation helping those affected by drug and alcohol use.

When Yvonne is not working she loves spending time with her family (including their dog, Treacle), and enjoys a digital detox by taking their retro, pop-top caravan to Norfolk to relax in the WIFI free wilderness.